Saturday, 5 November 2016

My New BadBoys!!! Updated Haul Collection

ALOHA TO the ever-so-FAMOUS 
Here's another quick Beauty Haul,
I love sharing my goodies with Y'all and my promise is to start doing some tutorials on here.
Without further a do I will be doing a mini product review as well 
so you can grab hold of these goodies if you wish to. 

This Product is the BOMB!!
It's my second Kabuki brush from the same brand. (I broke the first one ;'( *sobs* and I was introduced to it at my first ever Beauty Masterclass with Rayjeweled Beauty. (Click here to view this post). For more than half the year whilst my old Kabuki brush wasn't in use, I was using my beauty blenders as substitutes (which aren't bad, they're great as last alternatives I suppose). But now that it's in the house I was able to remember how easy and effective it is at blending foundation in. I don't need much and it does the job really well at covering acne marks. I hugely suggest this product if you have a hard time blending your foundation in or if you are unsure about foundation brushes.

New Badboy!!!
I'm yet to try this product so no reviews just yet. 

New Badboy!!
I'm yet to try this product so no reviews just yet. 
I've tried the Enchanted lashes and I loved the dramatic glam look it had on me. 

Product 4: (The Ever-SO-Famous) Mac Foundation - Studio Fix Fluid in Shade NC45

It's not the first time talking about this product. It's the only foundation I use and it hasn't changed for many years. This is also a frequently asked question on a daily basis:  "What foundation do you use?" 
So Here it is VOILA!!! Taadaah!!
It has the perfect coverage for acne marks and many other skin imperfections. However, it is liquid with thick texture which isn't exactly perfect for oily skin. But trust me, I have oily skin and it's still perfect. 

Product 5: Real Techniques miracle complextion Sponges (Beauty Blenders) 

These Miracle complexion Sponges are BOMB!!! 
 (forgive my favorite word aha) 
I refer to them as beauty blenders because that's what they are. P.s. the creators are being extra for no apparent reason. I use these to highlight and they have the perfect texture for that so overall thumbs from me. 

Product 6: Real Techniques Brush cleansing gel 

New Badboy!!!
So no reviews yet ...

New Badboys!!
But I know how I'm going to work with them.

I love this product and I'm so glad they are back on shelves after being discontinued for so long . I've spoken about the benefits this exfoliator has, which can be found here
They are scums though selling me the tester product (and I didn't even notice *sobs*). 

New Bottle same product!!!
I've spoken about this here ...

New Badboy!!
No reviews just yet 

New Badboy!!
I haven't personally tried this fan brush but fan brushes pull off the perfect precision for highlighting. 

That's it for today!!
I have inserted links so if you wish to read more about the products and shop online (they're in the titles above). 
Feel free to contact and Connect with me. That info is scattered across my blog page. I'll be doing tutorials soon and let me know if there is anything you would like me to address. 

**Disclaimer - This was not a sponsored blog post or review. However, I am an affiliate for Superdrugs and House of Fraser where some of the links were extracted from. 


  1. Love the haul. I have wanted to try the Bella and Bear's foundation brush for a while. will probably give it a go now.

  2. That gold revolution brush is so nice!!

    1. I'm assuming you've tried it out already then haha
      All reviews are welcome xx

  3. I love this products dear kiss

  4. These are interesting and nice looking products.

  5. Hi Winnie! I just bought myself some new brushes as well ( from the ' Look good feel better' brand) I was so happy to find an affordable brand with super good quality! I don't have all the brands you mention here in Taiwan :( (unless I go online ofcours) you are so lucky you can just walk into any drugstore and get them! anyways, I have been using for the first time Macs Studio Fix Fluid this past summer and I was pretty impressed! :) and omg! How come they sold you the tester product of TBS! :D at least I hope it hadn't been used!

    Have a great rest of the week!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script

    1. Haha Heyy Josune,
      A big smile appears on my face when I hear from you. At least you have good brushes out there. I heard from a friend in Finland that they don't have foundation for all complexions. But that's really good you're impressed with Mac I'm super happy to hear that. Was I the inspiration? haha
      but yeah its unfortunate I picked up the wrong bottle. Never doing that again.

  6. Great Haul ! I love the diversity of the products :) I use the miracle sponges by real techniques for highlighting too! I think that for applying foundation and concealer, nothing beats the original beauty blender.

    Claire From

    1. Haha yeah you're right a beauty blender is perfect

  7. I've heard really great things about the tea tree line from the Body Shop! And those eyelure lashes you bought are soo pretty and fluttery :) And you got so many great sponges and brushes! I'm super curious about the RT cleansing pad and cleaner. They were hyped up when they first came out but I haven't heard much about them since.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  8. thanks for sharing this.. i wanna try the Mac studio fix fluid :)

    It’s a Girl Thing

  9. I should try everything :P

    Federica Di Nardo

  10. those brushes look great!!!!

  11. I want to try the false lashes out! The brush cleansing palette looks like a necessity! I don't use foundation but would like to try thanks for the recommendation of MAC! xo
    Debbie |

  12. The tea tree oil range is amazing! I swear by the oil for pimples. I really want to try the Real Techniques brush cleaner I already love their brushes :)
    The Fashionista Bubble

  13. Those lashes look amazing! I love reading about hauls like this!

  14. Hi Winnie! Such great products! Looks like a productive haul, babe! Love the foundation!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  15. I love using a fan brush for highlighters, I swear it gives the best result on the skin. Believe it or not, I have never used Mac foundations before but I know they are cult favourites.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  16. I want to try that for cleaning my brushes! I'm so bad about doing that on a regular basis.


  17. I love fan brushes!

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  18. Real Techniques have the best makeup tools! I love their brushes, but I haven't tried the beauty blender yet. Please do a review on the brush cleansing palette! I really wonder if it makes a big difference or not.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  19. Nice post! I also use Real Technique brush cleansing gel, and it always does a great job on cleansing my brushes! It also has a nice smell.

    Anyway, I'm Deborah. I've followed your blog, do you mind to follow me back? :)
    Thank you!


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