Thursday, 19 January 2017

What will you wear? Aisle Style Dresses

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 Lovelies!!!  
We still in the first month so it's all good to say that aha
(Pictures above are Dresses exclusive to 2017)
It's about that time. Yup! That time Struck again ... and this time I've partnered with Aisle Style, to bring to your attention - Wedding dresses. Yes!!! (haha) So if your big day is coming up but you still haven't quite found that perfect dress yet, that's what we're here for hunny so check these out! But if your big day is nowhere near approaching not to worry either I've got you all sorted right in this blog post. Go on treat yourself and 'keep reading'

Lace Wedding dresses are the perfect finishing touch for a Glamorous and Traditional themed Wedding. These sophisticated dress pieces are stitched to perfection with authentic floral patterns. Any bride is guaranteed to feel beautiful, enlightened and very special wearing any one of these elegant pieces. So if you're looking to be enchanted then you're looking in the right direction. 

Break the rules with these cutting edge and conventional Short Wedding Dresses. Yesss!!! make a statement on your Wedding day (besides it is your one and only chance to why not?!) Short Wedding dresses are very stylish and chic with a touch of naughty sass. On the plus side you don't have to worry about accidentally stepping on your dress, tripping over or getting it mucky. Saves the Maid of honor having to hold your trail behind (phew). Changed your mind about short dresses now? 

Told ya, I had you all sorted. I could never forget those of you who aren't in a position of getting married. You're still special so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. These Long Evening Gowns are perfect for the everyday celebration. So whether you're heading to an afternoon tea party with the Queen, attending a wedding party, have a prom date or perhaps celebrating your own birthday or what not. Then you're sure to find something that's just for you on the website. 

That's all for today peeps, if you know someone getting married don't forget to recommend them to this page. 

Have an amazing day and Great year!!!

**Disclaimer- this post was sponsored by Aisle Style but all reviews are my (the author's) own. Clicking links featured on this blog post will not traffic any commission. 


  1. I'm not going to lie, I have a secret Pinterest board dedicated to wedding planning hahaha.
    These dresses are soooo pretty!!! I like the dress in the first photo (top left)!
    I think I would like a very minimalistic and classic looking dress if I were to get married :-)

    1. Ahaha awww your comment has made me smile
      that's so good that you're wedding planning already, nice to know that you're organised. Nothing wrong with minimalist dress :)

  2. beautiful :)
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  3. So good to find beautiful lace gowns in a touch of a button, great choices. I'm following you now in GFC to get updates, hope you would like to follw back. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Mercy I've been following back for a while now

  4. My favorite one is the backless lace dress! :)

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

  5. Great post dear :)

  6. The lace ones are my faves, nice selection!


    1. Thanks - you're not wrong they are nice

  7. Love all of these, so gorgeous!

  8. The lace wedding dresses look absolutely stunning!


  9. Just in time! My sister is getting married in November and she doesn't have a dress yet! Will recommend her this website. But if it were me, I'd wear one of the lace dresses you showed. Lace is just so delicate and feminine and I think is the perfect material for a wedding dress. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. Awww wishing your sister all the best on her Wedding day.
      But you're right lace dresses are very sophisticated, perfect for a Wedding day.

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